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Mohs Surgery

What Is Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery?

Melbourne Mohs SurgeryMohs skin care surgery is a procedure that involves removing cancerous tissue. It aims to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. Mohs surgery often causes less scarring than other skin cancer treatments. This surgery is often performed on the face. Dr. Clevens performs 200 Mohs skin cancer surgeries per year.

How Is Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery Performed?

Mohs skin care surgery is an outpatient procedure. Prior to this procedure, the physician will inject a local anesthetic into the area. After that, the physician will take a scalpel and remove the portion of the cancer that is invisible. Some of the underlying tissue will also be removed. The cancer and the tissue will be sent to a lab for analysis.

The surgeon may elect to remove an additional layer of tissue after analyzing the cancer. After another layer of tissue is removed, the cancer will once again be sent off to a laboratory. This process is repeated until all of the cancer has been removed. The surgery typically takes about four hours to perform.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery?

There are several factors that a physician will have to take into consideration in order to determine whether Mohs skin cancer surgery is right for a particular patient. Some of those factors include the location and type of skin cancer, the patient’s overall health and past skin cancer treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery?

  • Mohs surgery requires the surgeon to examine the extracted tissue under a microscope, so it has a very high cure rate. In fact, many studies suggest that the Mohs surgery cure rate is around 95 to 98 percent.
  • Mohs surgery preserves as much healthy tissue as possible.
  • Because Mohs surgery has such a high cure rate, it can actually help patients save money over time.
  • The pathology results are available within a short amount of time.

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery FAQ

Will Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Surgery?
Mohs skin cancer surgery is performed for medical purposes, so it will most likely be covered by health insurance. However, it is always a good idea for people to check with their insurance provider so that they can know exactly what will be covered.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For Mohs Surgery?
Patients do not have to do anything special to prepare for Mohs surgery. However, people who take blood thinners, vitamin E supplements and garlic supplements will be advised to stop using them seven to 14 days before their surgery. This will help minimize bleeding.

What Alternative Procedures Are Available?
Some patients will not be considered a good candidate for Mohs surgery. Fortunately, there are a number of other procedures available. Photodynamic therapy, cryosurgery, regular surgery and chemotherapy injections or creams can also be used to treat skin cancer.

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