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Ways to Protect Your Neck From the Signs of Aging

Ways to Protect Your Neck From the Signs of AgingTurtlenecks might be on trend right now, but you probably don’t want to wear them everyday. It’s well documented that the neck area is one of the first to show signs of aging. Instead of consigning yourself to covering up your neck and hoping no one notices it, there are a few ways to protect it from the signs of aging. Start giving your neck as much attention as you give your face and you’ll be rewarded with a younger looking neck for longer.

Shield It From the Sun

When you put on your sunscreen every day, do you stop at the chin and jawline? If so, you’re doing your neck a great disservice. The skin on your neck is subject to the same amount of sun damage as the skin on your face. Over the years, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can make the skin on your neck look crepey or can lead to the development of dark spots.

You can use the same sunscreen on your neck as you use on your face. Just make sure it has an SPF of at least 30. Try using a combination sunscreen and moisturizer, so that you’re not only protecting your neck from sun damage, you’re also helping it stay hydrated.

Use a Special Neck Cream

While a sunscreen and moisturizer combination is fine for the daytime, at night, you might want something a bit stronger, especially if you’re beginning to see some signs of aging on your neck, such as spots and changes in texture. You have a few options when it comes to choosing an anti-aging product for your neck.

Products containing retinol can help reduce wrinkles on your skin, both on your face and neck. Since the skin on your neck tends to be thinner, you might choose a retinol product that is designed to treat more severe wrinkles, to get the best benefit. Thin skin also tends to be more prone to irritation, so if you do use a facial cream on the neck, especially one that contains retinol, test it in a small area first to see how the skin reacts.

Another option is to look for creams designed for use on the neck. A neck cream is usually a bit thicker than a lotion designed for the face and may also be slightly gentler, since the skin is thinner and can be more sensitive. Neck creams can often contain peptides, which help restore collagen so that the neck area looks firmer.

Be Gentle

One big difference between the skin on your face and the skin on your neck is that you aren’t likely to put any garments or jewelry on your face. Your neck gets no such guarantee, though. If you do love wearing turtlenecks or scarves, make sure the fabric they are made from doesn’t irritate your neck. Wools and even synthetics can cause irritation, which makes your skin look red and upset, potentially making it look older. Also be cautious about the necklaces you wear, particularly chokers.

Give It Special Treatment

If you have noticed more advanced signs of aging in the neck area, you might want to consider more intense treatment options. Skin that’s developed a crepey texture might respond to a treatment such as laser skin resurfacing, for example. Laser treatments can also help reduce any spots that have formed or help reduce other signs of skin damage, such as broken blood vessels near the surface of the skin or redness.

Lasers will help with surface or textural issues on your neck, but they won’t improve any skin laxity. If you’ve begun to develop a turkey wattle, keep in mind that a laser on its own won’t reduce it.

Consider Surgery

Surgery, such as a weekend neck lift, is often the best option once you’ve started to develop a turkey wattle, or loose, excess skin below the neck, or a double chin. A weekend neck lift removes excess fat from the neck area and trims away the extra skin and muscle. The procedure is completed with a laser treatment, which improves the overall texture of your skin.

A neck lift not only makes you look younger, it also has a relatively short recovery time. While you might not only need a weekend to get back on your feet, odds are you’ll be back to your regular life within a few days after surgery. The incisions made during the procedure are small and any swelling or bruising afterwards is usually minimal.

Central Florida’s only practicing, double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ross Clevens, developed the weekend necklift procedure to help patients get a more youthful-looking neck without a lot of downtime. If you are concerned about how the way your neck looks is affecting your overall appearance, Dr. Clevens can recommend the next steps to take. Call (321) 727-3223 to schedule an appointment today.

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