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Bra Use after Breast Surgery: When is it safe to wear a wireless bra?

Post-breast surgery by Dr. Amy OrtegaSurgeons have conflicting opinions on bra use following breast surgery. Correct answer: Whether its 4 weeks or 4 years out, or as long as the garment is not painful, ill-fitting or irritating to the healing incision- there is no wrong answer.

Following breast surgery of any kind, a sterile surgical bra is placed in the operating room that remains in place for the first 48 hours. This is done to prevent unsterile garments from entering the operating room and therefore decreases incidence of infection. After the 48 hours, use a soft cotton sports bra for about a month. At Clevens Face and Body Specialists, we prefer a sports bra because it is comfortable yet supportive, and prevents excess breast weight or implants from resting on the fresh incisions.

While some physicians specifically use an underwire bra to help “set the fold” under the breast following breast surgery, Dr. Ortega disagrees. This anatomical landmark, the breast fold, is set in the operating room, and cannot be effectively changed through external pressure.

Conversely, other physicians use a bandeau or breast strap placed on the upper portion of the chest following breast augmentation. This is used to apply pressure to the top of the breast implant and help to drop the implant into a more ideal location. In general, if a garment is tight and painful, it can harm the blood flow to the breast and potentially cause adverse results. Another old adage in plastic surgery: “never ruin a good operation with a bad dressing.”

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