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Four Ways the Holidays Can Make You Look Older

Things to Do in Your 20s to Prevent Signs of AgingThe holiday season should be a time when you look your best. It is a time to dress up and enjoy some time out with friends and family after all. But often the holiday season can leave you looking depleted. Instead of letting what should be a festive time of year take its toll on your skin, find out what you can do to maintain a youthful glow throughout the next few weeks.

Cocktails Galore

The holiday season often brings with it plenty of opportunities to imbibe. It might be wine at a friend’s party, cocktails a work function or spiked punch at a holiday dinner.

All that booze can spell disaster for your skin. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, meaning it makes you pee more than usual, flushing liquid out of your system. The loss of fluid from your body can lead to parched, dry skin. To counter the effects of a night spent enjoying cocktail after cocktail, drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. Put a bottle of water by your bed so that you can drink up when you wake up the next day.

Since alcohol consumption can also make your skin look dull, another way to counteract its visible effects is to make sure you exfoliate or resurface your skin. A laser treatment might be just what your skin needs to look more refreshed  after a celebratory holiday season. Usually, recovery is quick after laser skin resurfacing, and the results also appear quickly.

Late Nights and Red Eye Flights

The greater number of social events during the holiday season might mean that you’re spending more time out on the town and less time sound asleep. Combine a busier social life with the need to travel across the country to see family and you’ve got a few weeks worth of missed sleep to make up for.

Losing out on sleep can lead to dark circles and under eye bags. It can also make your skin look dry and dull. Time spent on an airplane can also dry out your skin, since the air on planes tends to be drier. Plus, flying overnight or on the red eye can mean you miss out on sleep for a night or two.

The best thing you can do is make sure you get a full seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Pack an eye mask to wear on a long  overnight flight and try to get some sleep on the plane. If you notice dark circles or under eye bags forming that don’t go away once your sleep schedule improves, an eyelid lift after the holidays can help restore a more youthful look.

All That Stress

Your kid has been asking you for this season’s popular, all-but-sold-out toy, you can’t figure out what to give your mother-in-law and your boss just dropped a huge pile of paperwork on your desk. The holidays might be a happy time, but for many, they’re also stressful. And that stress can go right to your skin, making it look dull and dry. In some people, stress can trigger rosacea or acne, too. Constantly furrowing your brow from stress can lead to the development of frown lines and other wrinkles, as well.

One way to relieve holiday-related stress is to schedule little breaks into your day. Take a walk or spend a few minutes deep breathing to bring your stress levels under control. If the stress is coming from gift shopping, set aside a few hours at the end of one week to knock that out. Get it all done at once, then don’t worry about it again.

And if that stress is leading to the development of lines and wrinkles, non-surgical injections such as Botox or Dysport can help. Talk to your plastic surgeon to find out more about your wrinkle fighting options for the holidays.

Dry Air

The weather’s cooler, the air is dryer and someone is going to have the heat cranked up somewhere. Dry winter air is unpleasant in many ways. It increases static electricity, so you’re more likely to zap yourself when you walk across a carpeted floor. It also dries out your skin and hair, making your complexion look older and duller.

The best way to fight back against dry holiday air is to add moisture anywhere you can. Invest in a humidifier for your room, wear a thicker, more moisturizing skin lotion and focus on deep conditioning your hair to keep it looking soft and shiny instead of brittle and dull.

If you’re looking for ways to look younger this holiday season, Dr. Ross Clevens, the only double board certified, practicing facial plastic surgeon in the Melbourne area, can help. He can recommend a minimally invasive treatment to perk you up for the season or ways to treat dull, dry skin. Call (321) 727-3223 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Clevens today.

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