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Four Signs You’re Ready for Plastic Surgery

Talk to your doctor about surgeries you may wantThe decision to have plastic surgery of any type isn’t one to make in a hurry. You might have thought about getting rhinoplasty to change the shape of your nose for years, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready for the surgery right now. When deciding whether or not surgery is for you at the moment, there are a number of signs to look for.

You Know Why You Want the Surgery

One way to know if you’re ready for surgery is to know why you want the procedure. For example, you may want rhinoplasty because you’ve long wanted to have a nose that was better proportioned to your face. Or, you may want to undergo eyelid surgery because your drooping upper lids make you look tired or are affecting your ability to see.

Having a healthy reason for wanting the procedure is also important. You should want plastic surgery to make yourself feel better about a certain feature or to boost your self-confidence.

You’ve Done Significant Research

Research, research and more research before your surgery is a must. You want to understand what the surgery can and can’t do, so that you know whether it’s right for you. You also want to understand the basics of the procedure, such as where the incisions will be made, if there will be visible scarring and how long the surgery will take. You also want to know what type of anesthetic will be used, if you’ll have to stay over at the hospital, and what the recovery is like.

Research is essential when finding a surgeon to perform the procedure, too. You don’t want to trust your face to just anyone. Ideally, the surgeon you select will not only be board certified and have extensive experience performing the surgery you want. He will also be someone you feel you can communicate with. It’s important to be on the same page as your surgeon, to avoid any surprises or disappointments after the surgery is over.

Knowing what to expect from the surgery and working with a qualified surgeon can also help you manage your expectations. Learning as much as you can about a surgery will help you see if it will do what you think it will or if it will be able to change your features in the way you’re expecting.

Part of researching the surgery means learning about the potential for risks and complications. Although it might not be something anyone wants to think about, every surgery has some risks. Learning what those risks are and what you can do to reduce them will help you prepare for the procedure.

You Have the Time to Recover

Having the time to recover from your surgery and the ability to take that time off from work or your regular activities is a must. The recovery time varies based on the type of procedure you have done. You might need up to 14 days off following a facelift, for example, while a weekend necklift has a recovery time of about a week.

The amount of time you need to recover can affect when you schedule the surgery. If you have summers off, that might be the best time for your surgery, as you can take a few months to rest up and allow your body to heal.

You Have a Support System

A support system of friends and family is essential after your surgery. Most surgeons require you to have someone to bring you home from the surgery center or hospital after the procedure. That person should stay with you for at least a night, to make sure you have what you need while you recuperate.

A supportive group of friends and relatives can also help you through the ups and downs after the procedure. For example, your friends might bring you dinner one night or sit with you and watch a movie. It’s also important that your friends and family support the idea of you having plastic surgery. You don’t want to have people around you right before or right after the surgery who negatively impact your mood.

If you’ve decided that you’re ready for plastic surgery, the next step is to talk to an experienced facial plastic surgeon about your options. Dr. Ross Clevens is a facial plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida, who’s able to offer you advice on the procedure you want. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Clevens, call (321) 727-3223 today.

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