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Five Common Myths About Aging and Skincare

Five Myths About AgingNo one wants to look older than they are. The pursuit of more youthful-looking skin has led to the creation of a number of myths about the aging process and about what you can do to keep wrinkles, spots and other signs of aging away. While you can’t stay 25 forever, knowing the difference between myth and fact when it comes to aging and your skin will help you choose the best solution to your aging concerns.

You’ll Get Spider and Varicose Veins From Crossing Your Legs

Spider veins and varicose veins can make you want to wear pants or thick, opaque tights all year round. The veins, which look like blue or red spider webs in the case of spider veins, or like swollen, bulging cords in the case of varicose veins, develop as a result of weak valves in the veins or backed up blood in the blood vessels. The veins usually run in families, meaning that if your mom or dad had them, you have a greater chance of having them. Other factors can contribute to the development of spider or varicose veins, such as being pregnant, standing up for long amounts of time or not getting enough exercise. They are usually more common in older people.

One thing that’s commonly linked to varicose and spider veins but doesn’t actually cause them is sitting cross-legged. If you regularly sit with your legs crossed and don’t have a history of spider or varicose veins in your family, you’re most likely going to be fine.

If you do end up with spider veins, they can be treated. Laser treatments can destroy the veins, causing them to fade from view. While lasers can help eliminate veins that are already present, it won’t keep new spider veins from forming.

Only Expensive Products Work

In some cases, the inexpensive night cream you buy at the drugstore might be the thing that gives you the best results. When it comes to skincare, pricier doesn’t always mean better. In the case of designer skincare products, sometimes what you’re paying for is the brand name. What really matters is the type of ingredients in the product and the concentration of the active ingredient. Depending on your skin, you might fare better with a prescription strength product with a higher concentration of an ingredient, such as a retinoid. Your doctor can help you determine which products work best for you.

You Don’t Need Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t that difficult to apply every day, and many products offer a two-in-one function to make putting on sunscreen even easier. For example, a lot of moisturizers also offer sun protection.

Despite the fact that surgeons have been stressing the importance of sunscreen and protection from the sun’s rays for years, the myth persists that sunscreen is occasionally optional. In reality, you  should wear sunscreen everyday. Ultraviolet light from the sun can reach your skin even when it’s cloudy, even when you’re inside sitting by a window and even when you’re outdoors under an umbrella or shade tree. Getting in the habits of wearing sunscreen every single day, no matter what, will help reduce the signs of aging on your skin and help you avoid expensive treatments such as fillers and injections.

No Pain, No Gain

When you put on a lotion or use a facial scrub, if it stings, that’s a good sign, right? A product only works if it causes some irritation on a regular basis.

That’s actually a myth. While a new product might cause some redness or flakiness, especially when you start using it, if the pain persists, you  might be doing too much and actually causing harm to your skin. If a product does cause a lot of irritation, cut back on using it and talk to your doctor. You might need a weaker concentration or it might be that a gentler product is better suited for you.

Plastic Surgery Will Stop Aging

An anti-aging facial procedure, such as a facelift, can help reverse the clock and make you look years younger. But no surgery will completely stop the aging process. To do that, you’d need science fiction.

Instead, what you do after the surgery determines how long the results last and how effective it is. Using sunscreen, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a good skincare routine can help you maintain your surgery’s results for as long as possible.

Want to learn more about common anti-aging myths and what you can do to stay looking younger, longer? Dr. Ross Clevens is the only double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Brevard County, Florida. Recently voted "Best of Brevard,"  Dr. Clevens is happy to answer any questions you have. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Clevens, call (321) 727-3223 today.

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