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Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Any Procedure

Talking to your plastic surgeon When deciding to have plastic surgery, it’s important to cross all of your T’s and dot your I’s when it comes to picking a surgeon as well as which procedure is right for you. You want to learn as much as you can about the procedure and about the doctor who will be performing it before deciding to move forward.

That’s why the initial consultation with your surgeon is so important. It’s a chance for you to ask any questions and to get to know the person who will be operating on you. Having a good relationship with a doctor will help ensure that you are happy with the results of your surgery.

What Type of Training and Experience Do You Have?

You not only want a surgeon who has gone to medical school, you also want someone who is board certified by the appropriate board, such as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and who has demonstrated experience performing the surgery you hope to get.

For example, if you are considering rhinoplasty, you want to find a surgeon who has ample experience with rhinoplasty, not a surgeon who’s only ever performed facelifts. You can ask the surgeon how many surgeries he’s done total as well as how many surgeries he’s performed in the past week, so that you have an idea of whether he regularly performs the surgery you want or not.

Can I See Photos and Read Reviews from Past Patients?

Another way to gauge the level of experience your surgeon has is to ask to see evidence of that experience. Many surgeons will proudly show before and after pictures of past patients, so that you can get an idea of the type of work they do.

Some will even provide you with testimonials from past patients or references. If yours doesn’t, you can always ask. You can also look online for reviews of the surgeon.

What Can I Expect During the Surgery?

Every facial plastic surgery is somewhat different, from rhinoplasty to facelift. Your surgeon will give you an idea of what to expect during the procedure, including the type of anesthesia he will use, how long the surgery will last and what it will involve. He’ll also answer questions you have about the results from the surgery. For example, some patients are concerned about visible scarring after a facelift. Your surgeon will describe the type and location of the scars to you, to help you make the best decision.

What Can I Expect After the Surgery?

In many ways, what happens during the recovery period after the surgery is as critical as what happens during the surgery itself. Ask your surgeon how long you can expect to be out of commission after the procedure and what activities it will be OK to participate in, and when.

Your surgeon will typically also give you a detailed list of instructions of what to do after surgery, such as when you can bathe, what you can eat and when you can go back to work. He’ll typically tell you what medications to take and what ones to avoid, as well. Ask your surgeon about follow-up visits, too. Some expect you to go back after a week, some might want to see you the next day.

Are There Risks?

Risks are just a part of the surgical process. Your surgeon will let you know what the risks or potential complications are. He’ll also let you know what he’ll do to minimize those risks and what you can do to minimize any risks that can develop as you recover. You can ask the surgeon how common or rare each risk is, to give yourself some peace of mind.

Is This the Right Surgery for Me?

Your surgeon doesn’t want to perform a surgery on you that you don’t need or that won’t solve your issue. For example, you might go into the office looking for a facelift, but find out that a brow lift is more appropriate for you. The consultation is a time to discuss all of your options with the surgeon and to come to an agreement as a team about the best option for you.

In Melbourne, Florida, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Clevens can offer you advice on the procedure you want. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Clevens, call (321) 727-3223 today.

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