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Correcting Breast Ptosis & Superior Pole Deficiency

Breast Lift by Dr. OrtegaBreast ptosis, or drooping of the breast, is commonly seen in older women. It is most often the result of pregnancy, age, and fluctuations in weight. Cigarette smoking can also exacerbate breast ptosis by breaking down elastin fibers within the soft tissues.

Breast ptosis can be divided in to three Grades according to nipple position:

A: Grade 1: The nipple is at the breast fold and above most of the lower breast tissue

B: Grade 2: The nipple is below the breast fold and above some of the lower breast tissue

C: Grade 3: The nipple is below the breast fold, often pointing downwards

With breast ptosis, there is hollowing of the superior pole, or upper part of the breast. While a breast lift (mastopexy) is the best way to correct sagging breasts, many women desire a simultaneous breast augmentation to correct the superior pole deficiency and fill out the top part of the breast.

For those women who want fullness but want to avoid the “augmented look,” there is another option. The new, MemoryShape implant has been devised, which is a “teardrop” or anatomically shaped silicone breast implant that more closely mimics the natural contours of the breast.

The end goal is to restore the breast and nipple to its natural position. The decision to go with a breast augmentation versus a lift and augmentation or “pexy/aug” is a personal one, best made in conjunction with your board certified plastic surgeon.

For more information on breast enhancement surgery or to schedule a breast consultation, email Dr. Ortega at [email protected] or call 322.727.3223. We would love to meet with you and discuss the best treatment options available to you.

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