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Anti-Aging of the Face: A Map of Surgical Options

Anti-Aging Options for the FaceWhen it comes to aging, everyone is slightly different. Some people show signs of aging in certain areas of the face before others. For example, you might experience droopiness in your eyelids as you get older while your neighbor develops a more jowly neck. There’s no one size-fits-all surgery for restoring a more youthful appearance.

Different surgeries focus on different areas of the face. You can have one surgery performed or several, depending on what your concerns are and where they are located on the face. Having multiple surgeries performed at the same time can save money and time.

Brow Lift

The forehead can be one of the first places to show signs of aging. Years of furrowing your brow or raising your eyebrows can lead to vertical frown lines or horizontal creases across the forehead. As you get older, your eyebrows might sag or droop over your eyes more, making you look angrier or tired.

A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, can reduce the signs of aging in the upper part of your face. The surgery is commonly performed endoscopically, meaning the surgeon makes small incisions that are concealed by the hairline and uses a small camera to help guide the procedure. The benefit of an endoscopic surgery is that the recovery and healing time is shorter and the scars are less prominent.

Another option is make the incision across the top of the head. The incision is much larger than the endoscopic incision, but can be covered by the hair. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon raises forehead and removes excess skin, to create a smoother look. The procedure can also involve lifting the eyebrows to reduce sagging.

Some swelling and bruising is common as you heal from the surgery. Most patients recover quickly and can get back to their regular lives within a week or so. Once the area has healed, the results look will natural and scarring won’t be visible. In many cases the results from a brow lift can last for 10 years or longer.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelidsurgery, or blepharoplasty, is performed to help fight the signs of aging in the eye area. The surgery can also be performed for medical reasons. For example, fixing droopy upper eyelids can help improve a person’s eyesight.

Blepharoplasty is fairly common. In 2013, it was the third most commonly performed plastic surgery in the US, with more than 200,000 surgeries performed. The surgery involves the removal of extra skin and fat from the upper or lower eyelids, or in some cases, from both. It can be performed at the same time as a brow lift to provide better results or better balance.

While the surgery fixes droopy or saggy eyelids, it’s not a way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, by the eyes, nor can it fix dark under eye circles. What it does do is make a patient look more awake and alert.

The surgery is minimally invasive and any incisions are typically made on the inside of the lid, so that scars aren’t visible. After the procedure, it can take about a month for a patient to see results, as there may be bruising and swelling in the area. Recovery does take some time and most people need to take about a week off from work.


Signs of aging in the lower third of the face can often be reduced with a facelift. The surgery is used to reduce the look of sagginess in the mid-face and chin area. It can also reduce the appearance of jowls or of a sagging neck. Since the surgery focused on the lower area of the face, it is often performed with a brow lift or eyelid surgery, or both, so that a person looks younger all over the face.

Like a brow lift, the incisions made during a facelift are often concealed by the hairline. The exact location and size of the incisions are based on what the patient wants done and what the surgeon thinks will be best. The surgery involves removing extra skin and fat from the area and tightening the facial muscles.

The results from a facelift are long lasting and many patients see results for 10 years or longer. After the surgery, patients typically look an average of five years younger.

Facial plastic surgery offers a long-lasting way to reduce the signs of aging on your face. To learn more about your surgical options and to decide which procedure is right for you, contact Melbourne facial plastic surgeon Dr Ross Clevens. Dr. Clevens is the only board-certified, practicing facial plastic surgeon in the Melbourne area. Call (321) 727-3223 to schedule a consultation today.

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